It’s Not Just About Food!

lunch crowdI had a coaching session with a client recently. He was just told by his doctor he had type 2 diabetes. To top it off, he had an ulcer on his foot that would not heal. Blood sugar levels were dangerously high. He said something to me that was very powerful. A few months just before being diagnosed with diabetes, he had vowed to lose weight.

Decided he would do so by stop hanging out with the ‘lunch crowd’. Just by changing who he ate lunch with at work and where he ate lunch he was able to drop 40 pounds over 8 months! (I am not making this up- this is exactly how much weight he said he had lost).

This is a very powerful idea. It got me thinking that your health challenges are not only about the foods you eat or should not eat. They are also linked to those with whom you spend the most time. Your daily activities or investments in your health bank do add up. The reality is this bank does not discriminate. It takes all sorts of behaviours. At the end of the day, week, month or year, it gives you back what it has accrued.

In health and happiness, your weekly coach,

Phyllis Reid-Jarvis

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