Be Aware of Your Eating Habits

To conquer your enemy, it is said you should come to know them, be familiar with their habits and behaviours. By doing this you get to know their weaknesses. The same advice is relevant to your “food enemy” or your “food challenges”. This is where the power of journaling comes in. By developing the habit of journaling and recording your thoughts, feelings and actions towards food and eating, you will start to see a pattern. It is the revelation of this pattern that will free you from the grips of food. This brings us back to the point of the important role awareness plays in your health successes.

By keeping track of your eating habits for a week or every other day, this act of stopping to think about your eating decisions will create awareness in you.   With this awareness you will find yourself  making better choices or sticking with the great choices you are already making.  This increased awareness will bring you improved results.

A powerful outcome of journaling is that you will start to see patterns such as when you typically make great or poor eating choices with, or who might cause you to react in a negative way and choose food as an escape.  There is more, journaling will also help you eat when you are truly hungry and stop when comfortably full.  This is very powerful indeed to increase the awareness of your eating habits.

In health and happiness, your weekly coach,

Phyllis Reid Jarvis

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