Healthy Eating is Flexible and Non-Regimental

Remember, not all your food choices have to be “perfect.” Be reassured in knowing that there will be days that you have fewer servings than recommended from the food groups. Instead of beating up yourself or feeling guilty, I encourage you instead to strive toward a healthy eating pattern. This is a pattern where you are comfortable knowing that most of the time you make healthy, nutritious food choices. It does not matter what your food challenges are, you can still work towards an eating pattern that is flexible and non-regimental.    By taking this approach you will be pleasantly surprised at how food no longer owns you.  You will start to experience a freedom from food and eating that is entitled to all of us.  Your challenges around food and healthy eating may be many, but it helps to make changes gradually.  Start by observing how you interpret healthy eating, look at how you execute based on your interpretation and watch the results of this. Are the results desirable?  Are the results undesirable? Remember the goal of healthy eating is to Aim for a healthy eating pattern-not to be perfect all the time.

In health and happiness, your weekly coach,

Phyllis Reid Jarvis

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