Healthy Thoughts = Healthy You

You know, many of us don’t realize just how powerful we are.  We tend to look outside of ourselves for solutions rather than looking within.  Many of your health challenges can be solved just by taking stock of your thoughts.  Become aware of the kinds of thoughts that regularly permeate your mind.  Whatever you think the most about that is what you tend to act upon.  It is what you tend to bring into being.   This is no different when it comes down to your health.  If you are overweight and all you think about is how much weight you have gained then yes, don’t be surprised that you gain yet more weight!

I had a coaching session with a client recently.  She was told by her doctor that she has pre-diabetes.  This is a condition where you are overweight. Your blood pressure is hovering around being too high.  Your blood sugar is hovering around the level of diabetes. Your cholesterol and other fats are just above the high end of normal.  These are all warning signs or the canary in the mine phenomenon.

My client’s perspective was that she has always been an inactive person. Ever since she was a young child. She would prefer quite activities that don’t include much movement. Now as an adult she is the same way. When she was asked how that perspective is helping her get the current results- it was a light bulb moment for her.   She was also asked what is another perspective she could take that would give her the results she desired. She was blown away by the shift in perspective that she was able to experience in a short time- and the feeling of empowerment that came from it.

This got me thinking. If you are struggling with a health challenge. Being overweight, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, acid reflux_ the list is endless.  Just by reframing your perspective on the issue at hand, changing your thoughts-you can begin creating solutions for a healthier you.

In health and happiness, your weekly coach,

Phyllis Reid Jarvis

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