The Unique You

I recently had a coaching session with a client. She was a bit uncertain about this whole meeting with a dietitian.

According to her, she has had a lot of experience with diets and various weight loss programs. She has tried many over the years.  She is also frustrated and fed up with all of them (her words-not mine).

This got me thinking about the best diet in the world.  It is the one that is designed for you.  Only you.  It cannot come as a pre-packaged plan that is also sold to millions of others seeking weight loss.  How could you enjoy permanent lifestyle change from a pre-packaged program?  Where do you and your unique needs fit into that which is already pre-designed?

These questions and my client’s apprehension over our meeting got me thinking_ you are a unique person and as a result will benefit only from an approach that is specific to your needs and desires.  Champion your cause and ask for this top quality kind of service.

In other words, don’t be afraid to ask for service that makes you feel you are at the top, middle and end of the agenda.  You must feel you are king or queen when in the presence of your health coach.  After all, the best plan for you is the one that is designed for you.

In health and happiness, your weekly coach,

Phyllis Reid Jarvis

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