Can’t Resist Certain Foods?

If you find you are among the many who seem to lack will power to control your intake of certain types of foods, you are not weak or lack self-control.   Recent research shows that many people who are over eaters, tend to be that way based on a number of factors.   First, people are conditioned to overeat.  This may start as young as in infancy when your well-intentioned parents actually fed you more food than what you needed.  As children grow older and this programing to overeat continues, they end up losing the ability to modify their intake either up or down at the next meal- they just overeat.  Second, you are a target of food manufacturers. Food industry have learned that when the 3 most addictive flavours are combined, salt, sweet and fat, the exert a powerful hold on the persons who are already conditioned to overeat.   This is why certain foods are so hard to resist.   Third, you are bombarded with marketing advertisements that tell you eating certain foods such as chips, soft drinks, certain ice-cream desserts and cakes etc, are not only delicious, but tell you’re having a great time with friends and family.   What can you do given these campaigns to make you overeat?  1. Get a plan that shows you how to prepare for certain places or events where a lot of foods will be served.  2. Know your food enemy and plan how to tackle the enemy once it surfaces.  3. Eat regular, nutritious meals, don’t skip meals.  4. Plan what to eat ahead, leave nothing to chance.  There are more strategies to combat overeating in my  book, Solutions for Health.

Love how you live, work and play!

Phyllis Reid-Jarvis

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