What are Your Health Goals for 2010?

Happy 2010!  This is a great opportunity to take some time and map out your health strategies for 2010.  The same approach you might have used to carve out your business goals is the same approach that is necessary for you to have success in health and happiness.  I am not a big fan of New Year’s resolution.  The reason being, everyone gets caught up in the moment of ringing in the New Year and consequently making promises and setting goals that are more reflective of the moment than their values.

My suggestion to you for this year and the rest of your life, is to focus on setting goals that are aligned with your values.  How do you identify your values?  Take time to ask yourself the following:

First, what am I most passionate about? Second, How clear am I in knowing my life’s purpose? Third, what have I done to truly fulfill my life’s purpose?  Fourth, what excuses am I using to not pursue my life’s purpose?  Fifth, how have these excuses hindered me from living my healthiest and happiest life possible?  Finally, what one simple act will I execute today that will help me start living my life in a values-based way? By investing time to write out the answers to these simple yet powerful questions, you will realize that every day is an opportunity to honour your values. Review the answers at least weekly as this will establish the habit of remaining focused on your goals.  It will also create the habit of consistently working on your goals each day, by investing as little as 1% per day.  At the end of the year, you will have a 365% return on your investment! This strategy of working to change from the inside-out is the start of you realizing your healthiest and happiest life possible.


In Health and success,

Your weekly coach, Phyllis Reid Jarvis

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