So, How’s it going with your Health Goals?

We are two weeks into the New Year and I had noticed a swell of new people at the local gym where I work out. This is the normal rise in numbers that I have experienced over the many years of going to our local YWCA.  I am commenting on this observation for two reasons:  First, I am at the Y Monday to Friday, for 6:00am when it opens and Second, this is the time slot that I noticed the increase in new attendees.  This relates to my last blog about how crucial it is to make your goals based on values and not get caught up in the moment.  It is the second week, and I am actually surprised at how soon a significant number of the new attendees have dropped out from the early risers’ club (as I like to refer to the 10 plus members who regularly show for opening).  Usually the drop out starts the end of January into March.  Some valuable strategies for sticking with your health goals for this year onwards:

1. Align your goals with your values– do you  value being healthy? Most people do; this should follow with asking yourself 2.How do I most enjoy getting healthy? 3. Do I prefer going to a gym and being around others or am I better off working out on my own? 4. Am I a night-owl or an early riser? This will help you decide when it is best for you to schedule a work out.  5. Don’t forget to assess your home and work-life.   You will need to have support from your co-workers and/or loved ones in order for you to make your ventures into getting  healthy a reality. 6. Finally, you will need to promise yourself to stick with your decision to get healthy for 3-weeks at least.  It takes 3-weeks for a new neural pathway to become fully established.  This means your new habit of  exercising will have a stronger chance of sticking if you stay with the program for 3-weeks. If after 3-weeks you feel you still want  to quit, give yourself yet another 3-weeks of consistently exercising.  Continue with the  consistent 3-week increment until you have clocked 10,000 hours ( this is not a typo!).  At this point, you will have become an expert at executing this new behaviour which by now will have  become a fully entrenched habit!

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In Health, Phyllis Reid Jarvis, Professional Certified Coach ( PCC)

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