Planting the Seeds of Health

I woke this morning to a beautiful fog covered city- not smog- but natural fog brought about by a combination of natural creation- it was beautiful!     Naturally, I found a link between the beautiful fog formation, spring-time and seed planting and of course- your health.

I  learned that there are a number of different types of fog formed by different causes, the same is true of your health and happiness.   By planting the seeds of health and investing in their growth by tending to them, you will reap the rewards of your healthiest and happiest life possible.  This is no different from how mother nature creates natural fog.  She ensures the right environment is created and the result is this incredibly beautiful natural occurrence!

As is the case with fog, you might not be able to see far ahead enough to know that you are getting to where you want to be and that you are on the right path for that matter!  It’s no different with your health.  Your vision may be blocked by temporary or chronic illness and you may get discouraged.

Remember, seeds planted in the spring, in the right conditions and properly tended will yield desired results.  This is where the use of fog lights come in – they do help you see better in the fog.  The fog lights are the equivalent to your personal foundation.  Having a strong personal foundation that sees the pursuit of your healthiest and happiest life possible as a journey through life is key to being able to navigate your way into living your life of health and happiness.

I would like to leave you with 2 solutions for planting the seeds of health: First, get consistent with the fundamentals– being healthy does not mean the absence of disease.  Health is much deeper than this physical state- use your ‘fog lights’ to source out your fundamentals.

And second, source out  the right conditions that are most in favour of you living your healthiest and happiest life possible. A lifestyle that is equivalent to a garden  overrun with weeds will choke out the fruits of your labour. Do your weeding by getting aligned with your values.  Whatever actions you take you should know that they are value-based and will eventually yield you your healthiest and happiest life possible!

In Health and happiness,

Your weekly coach, Phyllis Reid Jarvis, RD,CDE

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