What’s the Difference?

Why does it always  look like some people have it all and others, just are plain “unlucky”? Why does it seem it is the people who are healthy and happy who keep getting more of what they have?  Why do people who are faced with all sorts of health challenges seem to end up getting more of these very same challenges?   The answers to these questions lie in the difference between happy,healthy people versus unhappy, unhealthy people.  It comes down to how these two groups of people think!  There are 8 basic secrets to a lasting lifestyle of health and happiness. In order to experience these secrets, you are encouraged to start thinking about living your life similar to how a house  is first built.  Here is the first secret to living a healthy and happy life:  First, prepare and lay the foundation of your life by Getting Really Consistent with the Fundamentals. Do an analysis of your goals and how closely aligned they are to your values.

Healthy and happy people know that to experience the kind of life they desire they must match their goals to their core values.  What does this have to do with being healthy and happy you ask?  Everything! Living a life that is guided by value-based goals is similar to having a built-in GPS device that never malfunctions.  You will always know the right choices to make in any given situation.   In essence, if your foundation is solid, you will be able to withstand any external forces that come your way.

Start the process of identifying your fundamentals by writing out what you truly desire and want more than anything in life. Write the reasons for these desires beside each.   Then match them up against a similar list that identifies your core fundamental values.  If you are not aware of what these are, simply take a moment of silence and think about the things that you do no matter what the situation.  These are actions you take without having to do any agonizing thinking about them, it is as if your internal GPS device just knows the direction you should go. Simply put, I am sending you a challenge to identify your non-negotiables.  We all have basic core values that we will not negotiate away in favour of that which does not reflect our fundamental values.   Get busy identifying your fundamentals!   Here are 3 things healthy and happy people do consistently:

  1. Healthy and happy people keep self-promises
  2. Healthy and happy people know their fundamental values and use them to guide decisions
  3. Healthy and happy people know their non-negotiables and stand by them

These 3 simple fundamental approaches when consistently executed are what make the difference between a healthy and happy life.   I will explore the other secrets in future blogs.   For more information and in-depth training on these secrets you can invest in one of our workshops.  You will change your life for good!  http://www.UltimatePotentials.com

In health,

Your weekly Coach,

Phyllis Reid-Jarvis, RD,CDE

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