Awareness of Daily Actions

This week I would like to share with you the second  solution to a healthier and happier life:Awareness of Daily Actions

So many philosophers and great thinkers have known that the sure-fire way to increasing the kind of results you want in your life is to focus on them.   So what thoughts occupy your mind the most regarding living your best life?

What are your thoughts around food and eating?   Exercise?  Time?  What  are your thoughts around investing  time and money into living your best life possible?

Do you think that paying for gym memberships, personal trainers, courses that teach you how to live your best life are necessities or luxuries?

Bottom line is this, whatever thought occupy your mind the most, you will get that result in your – life always!

The equation for creating results is as follows:  Thought lead to desire which lead to action which lead to result!

Let’s use the example of food, eating and awareness:

“So much of our eating takes place outside our awareness that it’s easy to underestimate how much food we actually put into our bodies”. The Journal of AMA, Katherine F. Legal.

Research has shown that eating foods that are high in sugar, salt, and fat make you want to eat more.   This is a deliberate business strategy by food Companies, they use science to help them create highly rewarding or addicting foods.  This gets you hooked. If you spend your days engaged in mindless eating you will get results that are typical of this action.

Healthy and happy people regularly engage in the following actions:

  1. Healthy and happy people hold thoughts that are aligned with the kind of results they want to get
  2. Healthy and happy people are aware of their thoughts and know they  impact on the results they get
  3. Healthy and happy people are mindful about what they eat, when they eat, why they are eating and where they eat

My gentle challenge to you this week is to try the above 3 actions every day for this week.   You will find you make better eating choices, feel more energetic and consequently are more creative and overall happier.  For more ways to improve your health and happiness consider one of our workshops:

In health,

Your weekly coach,

Phyllis Reid-Jarvis, RD,CDE

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  1. If you’re curious to know what kind of healthy foods that are not boring, mild example would be a very low fat brownie. Yes, you can eat candy, as long as health and prepared with less sugar and fat. If you’ve heard of quinoa, the super grain of the Incas took their health can also be cooked and an excellent supplement to your diet!

    1. Good points, life health and wellness is all about learning balance. I have a plant-based guide that provides beautiful recipes using quiona, millet and other beautiful old world grains- In health,Phyllis

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