Is Your Life Organized?

As we continue to explore the strategies necessary for living our healthiest and happiest life, one can’t ignore the role organization plays.   How organized is your life? What are you tolerating? Have you considered how these tolerations might be limiting you from living your healthiest and happiest life?  So many of my clients ask for a plan to help them lose weight or to have more energy;   but not enough of them ask for a plan to help keep them organized.    Assess your self based on the following questions: 1. Do you struggle with your weight?  2. Do you constantly feel as if you have no time to do anything?  3. Do you feel tired, and ‘frayed’?  4. Do you often ‘grab’ something to eat rather than take time to prepare a meal?  If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, then you just might benefit from taking an honest look at your life and answer truthfully the question: Is my life organized?

A life that is disorganized may be the cause of your weight woes.  You see, if your meals are not planned in advance, or even the grocery shopping not done ahead, then you leave yourself open to ‘grabbing something to eat’ in between your busyness.  Your health and happiness maybe affected by this poor way of eating.  In addition, not having a plan for when you will exercise, how long and how often each week may also contribute to the less than desirable health you are experiencing.   These are obvious ways how not being organized may impact negatively on your health.  But, did you know that living and working in a cluttered environment can also be another reason for your health woes?

A cluttered living and working space is often a reflection or a result of the clutter that is within, what is expressed in our physical world is often a reflection of the state of our internal world.  It is this reason why it is imperative to take the time to clear the clutter out of your life from the inside first, then your physical world will reflect the new clutter-free life.

What are some indicators of an organized life?  These are likely to vary for each person as no one has a perfectly organized life after all, we are humans and prone to imperfections!  Overall though, if for the most part you can work to achieve the following in your life, you are likely going to be on your way to creating an organized life:

1. Listen to your inner self and choose in favour of the things that get you excited and energized.  Once you are doing what you love you will begin to see this clarity and purpose reflected in your physical world  2. Get your meals planned for the most part.  This could mean cooking a batch of meals over the weekend, portion out and set aside in the fridge/freezer for the week. This gets rid of the ‘grab and eat’ approach to feeding yourself. 3. Plan your exercise for each week and keep this promise ( see my other blog about self-promises) 4. Get your pantry, refrigerator/freezer and home closets organized.  Doing a clean-sweep of these spaces will reflect your inner order.  And finally, 5. An organized life will also extend to your place of work.  You will find you stay focused on the tasks you are working on and you are able to be far more productive and creative.  This will come from not having to waste time looking for things in your clutter and the best of all, you will be working with clarity and purpose that comes from an organized life!

For more invaluable strategies and solutions on living your healthiest and happiest life please visit my website  There you will find a range of resources, products and services all designed to help you realize your health goals.

In health,

Your weekly coach, Phyllis Reid-Jarvis, Dietitian (RD),Professional Certified Coach ( PCC)

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