Are your workers’ health affecting on your bottom-line?

A Staggering 41% of Adult Canadians Have High Total Cholesterol Levels: Should Workplaces be Concerned About This Growing Trend?

A recent Canadian Health Measures Survey produced by Statistics Canada showed that 41% of adult Canadians had levels of total cholesterol that is too high. {{199 Statistics Canada}} There has been a growing trend towards higher cholesterol levels in Canadians.  Case in point, in 2007 to 2009 according to the Canadian Health Measures survey, 27% of adults aged 20- 39 years had high levels of total cholesterol.  This percentage has increased to 47% among adults aged 40 to 59 years and 54% in those adults aged 60-79 years.

Do you know you may have hidden risks for heart disease and stroke? High cholesterol is linked to narrowing of the arteries, which increases a person’s risk for a heart attack or stroke.   A person’s overall risk for a heart attack and stroke increases when their ‘bad’ cholesterol (LDL) is high and/or their ‘good’ cholesterol (HDL) is low.

Increasing workers cholesterol levels, increasing disability costs?

Should workplaces be concerned about the rising levels of Canadians’ blood cholesterol? The growing percentages of Canadians with high cholesterol make up the largest proportion of employees in workplaces, aged 40-59 years.   If current trends continue; workplaces will likely see a growing number of these workers ramping up more sick time and disability costs.  The bottom-line will look starkly different from what employers would like to see.

What can Workplaces do to stem the trend?

With proven worksite wellness intervention programs, increasing disability costs can be averted or significantly reduced.

Many of the top 10 chronic diseases can be prevented; this includes certain types of heart disease that are lifestyle driven, high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels, to name a few.

Simple and inexpensive workplace wellness initiatives can go a long way in improving a company’s bottom-line by improving the health of their employees.  Employers can no longer afford to leave the health of their workers to just the worker and their primary care physician.  They can create initiatives that range from physical activity challenges, nutrition and healthy eating to various comprehensive worksite wellness programs.

It is worth tapping into these resources in order to keep a healthy bottom-line via healthy workers.

Our Healthy People Better Workers worksite wellness programs offers companies opportunities to deliver health and wellness programs on-site or off-site to their workers.  Our team of health professionals know the importance of tailoring programs to meet the needs of employers and employees.  For more information please visit us at or call for a consultation:204-942-8179 or 1-877-655-0507.

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