Does your company get a lot of sick calls on Mondays & andFridays?

Does your company have a healthy corporate philosophy? Are you experiencing a high turn-over of employees?  Are your Mondays and Fridays riddled with sick calls?   Depending on the answers to these questions, you could be faced with unmotivated and demoralized workers.

This week let’s address your company’s healthy corporate philosophy.  This would look something like your company believing the health of your employees is an integral part of your company’s health or the bottom-line.  You have also heard that employees are an organization’s most important resource; does your company reflect this philosophy in how it treats its workers? Finally, does your company’s  work environment reflect and promote a healthy corporate philosophy?

Getting workers motivated and excited about going to work, working while at work and taking initiatives goes well beyond what they are paid.   Take an honest look at your corporate philosophy and ask yourself, is it healthy?

If you desire to grow your company the first place to start is with the most valuable resource you have on hand; your health and that of your employees.  This could look like the following:

1. practicing the belief that healthy employees enhance a company’s competitive edge

2. practicing the belief that changing the health of your employees can be a measure of the positive change in the performance of your company

3. practicing the belief that healthy employees have a direct positive affect on the overall excellence in your company’s endeavours

4. practicing the belief that just as you manage a business, the health of your employees must be managed not just by each worker but also by the company’s actions,and finally

5. operating on the fact that motivated employees are a reflection of motivated employers.  They will adopt values that you the employer demonstrate, not only through what you say, but in what you do.

For more information on our corporate wellness program: Healthy People, Healthy Workers,visit our website or call us at 1-204-877-655-0507.

Your weekly health coach,

Phyllis Reid-Jarvis, RD,CDE

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