What are Your Intentions?

Recently I have been inspired by a number of my clients and their responses to change.   In my observations, I noticed they struggle with the required lifestyle changes, sometimes winning for a week or two only to fall off the path later.    I am naturally curious about finding a way that will help my clients reach their goals and of course maintain them.  Using my model that is built on the theory of behaviour change, I often ask my clients about their intentions for getting healthy and staying healthy.  I also follow this question with another that asks them how do their intentions create their desire to take action.

This simple line of questioning is often so powerful, my clients will typically need a week in between visits to truly connect with their intentions and to assess or evaluate how they do or do not tie in with their desire to take actions.    So, I would like to pose this very same line of questioning to you: What are your intentions around living your healthiest and happiest life possible?   How do your intentions trigger the desire in you to take actions to achieve your goals?

For companies and organizations struggling with high rates of absenteeism, employee turnovers, disgruntled/unmotivated workers and low rates of productivity my question to you is similar: What are your intentions for creating a work environment that truly supports your goals?   How do these intentions create a desire for you to take action to make them a reality?

My challenge to you today is to write out your answers to these very powerful questions you will immediately start getting the results you desire.

In my company, our  model of behaviour change helps organizations and individuals create action through the process of identifying their intentions and their desire.   We take this further by assessing the actions they take and the consequent results.       Connecting with your intentions is the first step to truly living your healthiest and happiest life possible.  It is a guaranteed way for organizations to create productive and healthy work environments.

For more information on the services offered, please visit our website: http://www.PhyllisReidJarvis.com.

In health,

Your weekly coach,

Phyllis Reid-Jarvis, RD, CDE

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