Are You Living Your Ultimate Potentials?

So I took a bit of break from my blog to figure out the direction I wish to move in for the next 2.5 years.  In other words, I was working on my own purpose- my own blue print for living my ultimate potentials. It has been a very transformational, challenging, inspiring and rewarding process.

So what are your ultimate potentials?  You may think of them as your goals, your reason for being put on this earth; it could be what gets you out of bed by 5:00am daily feeling fully energized and ready to start creating.  It could be the reason why you walk around with a smile on your face without even knowing it- until a stranger acknowledges you for it.  This happened to me just this week and has been happening a lot over the past few years.

I was walking into my office, a 20- minute walk through the most beautiful section of the downtown where my office is located. I had just had an incredible breakfast meeting with a former client and now friend. Our topic was about living our ultimate potentials.  He was into studying the works of Dr. David Hawkins, who had conducted extensive research in the field of the power of intention.  It was an inspiring discussion!

As I neared my office, my thoughts were filled with this great discussion, when I heard a voice saying “good morning smiling face” it was a gentleman, waiting at the bus stop.  I responded with a cheerful greeting and continued along my way.  A few minutes after this exchange, I heard him saying “how come you are so beautiful?!”  I looked back and he was standing with his hands cupped over his mouth, calling this out to me.  I again responded back with, “that is because you too are beautiful”!

I am convinced what this person saw was not a superficial beauty, but what was coming from the depths of my soul. Dr. Dyer, summed it up beautifully in his book, Ten Secrets to Inner Peace and Success, he said, “You can only give what you have”.  I was putting out the beauty of the inspiring thoughts from my conversation- this, I strongly believe is what this gentleman saw.

So, with this in mind, I have completed work on a course I am offering to anyone struggling to live their lives to the fullest; anyone struggling with their weight, relationships, and life in general. To anyone, who, according to Sarah Ban Breathnach in her incredibly inspiring book, Something More; believe there is something more to live for in this life time. Through this intensive course I am committed to working with the men and women who are struggling to lose weight, and are sick and tired of being managed by their weight.  Visit my website for more information.   In health, Phyllis Reid-Jarvis, RD, CDE, Life Coach

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