Why Wait?! Live Your Ultimate Potentials! ( UPs)

Wow! I have been on an incredible journey! The past 8 months I have created a course- WhyWait?! Live your Ultimate Potentials!   If you have been thinking or feeling that something is missing or there is something more to you and your life- this course helps you find that something more.  If you have been waiting to do what you know deep down is your true calling- this course helps you take action. Whatever it is that you have been battling, this course uses coaching as a tool to empower you to build a new and more supportive foundation. Then it coaches you into creating permanent structures to truly live your UPs!  It is a powerful and transformational experience!

I watched grown men and women release fears, limiting beliefs and thoughts that have kept them waiting or playing small.  I watched them cry, laugh, high five each other as they grow into living their Ultimate Potentials ( UPs)  It has been a tremendous blessing and honour for me to work with these men and women.

“Knowing how to UN-learn non-supportive ways of thinking and acting is the start of freedom from your fears and limiting beliefs”.

Visit http://www.PhyllisReidJarvis.com to read what others are saying about our UPs course, to find out more about it and to register.

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