Is Your Environment Making you Fat?

Are your friends over weight? Do they subscribe to crash diets? What about your work environment? What sorts of foods do you and your coworkers nibble on during the day? If you stop to think about who you spend the bulk of your waking moment with, you may want to take a good, honest look at their habits.  Ask yourself the tough questions, am I fat because those around me are also fat? Do I not exercise regularly because those around me don’t? Do I make excuses for why my weight and my health are the way they are because- you get it! those around me do?!

Your environment impacts on your health in ways that research is starting to show us are very significant.  Your social environment is part of your overall environment.   In our Ultimate Living program we use coaching techniques to support our clients in creating solutions for their health. We recognize that you are not fat just because of what you eat, drink or how much exercise you get- we know being overweight is bigger than that.

A challenge:  For 1-week take stock of all the things you do with your friends, co-workers and family.  Create a list that has two columns- one column titled supportive behaviours the other unsupportive behaviours.  At the end of the week see which column shows up more in your life.  This will be your starting ground for creating a structure in your life that will support powerful actions to living your Ultimate Potentials!

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Phyllis Reid-Jarvis, RD, CDE, Life Coach

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