Getting out of our way: Conquering Ourselves


The first step towards living our ultimate potentials is to recognize what is holding us back.  To do this it is helpful to recognize how our beliefs about ourselves, people around us and the world play out in our lives. Beliefs are both unconscious and conscious; either way they are like an iceberg, what is seen is not reflective of the depth, breadth and strength of the unseen portion.  Beliefs can and do get in the way of us living at our ultimate potentials.

How do we conquer ourselves in order to live to our ultimate potentials?  We excavate and learn about our beliefs, associations and behaviours and how they show up in our lives.  If we don’t know how our beliefs, associations and behaviours get in our way of living and working to our ultimate potentials, we will keep doing the same things over and over and keep getting the same results.  Work through the following questions, they are  a powerful start to getting out of your way, this is the first step to start living at your ultimate potentials:

What is stopping me from reaching my ultimate potentials?


1. The reasons I think I can’t or may not achieve my ultimate potentials are…   (List as many reasons as you can think of)

2. For each reason listed ask yourself  ” how does this belief help me live to my ultimate potentials”?

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To your health and success!

Phyllis Reid-Jarvis, RD, CDE, Life Coach

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