Carbohydrate Reading on Food Label

Carbohydrates: Reading Food Labels

  •  The amount of carbohydrates in a food item is listed on the Nutrition Facts Table
  • The amount listed is for the serving size given. Compare your serving size to the one stated on the table to figure out the amount of carbohydrates you are eating.
  •  The total amount of carbohydrates is listed first. This number includes the starch, sugar and fibre contents of the food item.
  •  Remember that fibre does not raise your blood sugars. Subtract the fibre grams from the total grams of carbohydrate for a more accurate estimate of the product’s carbohydrate content.

For example:

Total amount of carbohydrate = 36 grams

Total fibre = 6 grams

Subtract 6 grams fibre from 36 = 30 grams of available carbohydrate for the whole serving of 2 slices.

For more information on this and other nutrition topics:

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