Tips on Selecting Beef

Tips on Selecting Beef:

  • Choose lean or extra lean cuts of beef
    • Lean meats have no more than 10% fat
    • Extra Lean meats have no more than 7.5% fat
  • When reading meat labels look for cuts of meat that have the words
    • Chuck
    • Sirloin
    • Flank steak
    • Eye of the round
    • Tenderloin
  • Choose beef labelled “Choice” or “Select” because it has less fat than beef labelled “Prime

Keep in mind:

  • Meats labelled as prime usually have more fat, so save them for special events
  • Stay away from cuts of meat that come from an animal’s stomach area (i.e. rib-eye steak, rib chops, spareribs) as they are loaded with saturated fats
  • Choose meats with the smallest amount of marbling (marbling = fat)

For more information on this and other nutrition topics:

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