Why Choose Coaching?

I had the privilege yesterday of coaching 35 managers from the YMCA YWCA I had a blast!  The icing on the cake was the amazing responses from the managers they were ( in their words) wowed!  So, as an organization or an individual, why choose coaching?  The answer is simple coaching works! The tools and strategies I shared with the managers yesterday not only helped to make their jobs easier, they made their staffs’ jobs easier, they helped to created a more positive and supportive work environment AND… here’s the clincher; they helped managers develop their staff to OWN THEIR DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES!!!!  No need to micromanage, instead you spend your time developing people, I love this!

So why choose coaching; it is the best organizational tool one can use to truly keep employees moving forward AND loving what they are paid to do! You can’t beat that!

Have you had a coaching experience? What was it like ?   I would love to hear about your coaching stories.

In success and Health,

Phyllis Reid-Jarvis ,MPH,RD,PCC


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