Happy Thanksgiving!

I know this is the start of the ‘eating season’ leading up to the New Year.  It is not a lost cause! You can still eat and enjoy yourself AND stay fit, healthy and energized!  Follow these tips and you will be amazed at the results!

Here are 2 strategies for managing how much you eat in social gatherings.

1.  Never “save” yourself for a function that involves food.

Adults tend to eat more when they eat with people who are hungry. If two people eat together, the amount of food consumed in a meal increases by 44%_the larger the gathering, the larger the amount of food eaten.  Keep this in mind and remember, there is always tomorrow, don’t feel you have to eat it all today!

2. Remember your previous meal.

If you had a heavy lunch or a light lunch, remember this. It will help you adjust your portion up or down, depending on how hungry you are or how much you ate at the previous meal. This helps when you haven’t skipped a meal, it also helps to focus on why you gather together. Do you gather for fellowship with a meal, or meal with some fellowship? Notice the difference between the two reasons!

Happy Thanksgiving and Be Well!

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