6 Solutions for Surviving the Holiday Season

Image#1 Never ‘Save Yourself’ For A Function That Involves Food

 If you know ahead what your plan is for healthy eating during the holiday season then you will not be left feeling guilty from over indulgence.  Your plan will help you successfully navigate the work Christmas parties, the family gatherings and the in between socializing that the season brings.

 Never “save yourself’ for a social function that involves food and drinks is a strategy that many people who struggle with their weight know but sadly, they rarely practice this strategy!  When you “save yourself” you get to a point where you are more than hungry, you put yourself in a position to eat whatever you can get and as much as you can! By saving yourself for a dinner party you will definitely overeat!   In addition to this adults tend to eat more when they eat with people who are hungry or just are simply in a social setting.   If two people eat together, the amount of food consumed in a meal increases by 44%!!! The larger the gathering, the larger the amount of food eaten.

To ensure that you never leave home hungry or ‘save’ yourself for a dinner function, eat all your regular meals at their regular time. If you must miss a regular meal, prepare and eat a snack before you leave head off to your holiday function! 

To read more about how to eat smart and have fun  during the holiday season check out pages 114-119 of Solutions for Health_ Phyllis Reid-Jarvis  http://www.UltimatePotentials.com/store/index.htm  

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