Why A Dietitian Life Coach is a Good choice

As we approach another National Mental Health Awareness from May 2nd-8th 2016, it is a good idea to remember why a Dietitian Life Coach as a resource is a good choice.

 If you are looking for a proven way to take action rather than stalling or staying stuck, create and own your health behaviours and contribute to your personal growth and development; a coaching strategy could be the answer.

We use the IDARE framework which is designed to allow men and women struggling with physical and mental health issues such as eating disorders, diabetes, obesity to name a few, to improve their self acceptance, coping skills and better position them for recovery. 

This framework is designed to keep you moving forward. It focuses on the present moment and is future oriented. This ensures that Life Coaching does not replace the valuable services from other disciplines and fields such as counselling, psychology and psychotherapy.

This makes Life Coaching a perfect addition to your treatment program as you can be coached while receiving therapy.


As we celebrate national mental health awareness week acknowledge your needs by accepting our complimentary offer of a 30 minute Dietitian Life Coaching session.  This offers expires May 31, 2013.

Simply email: living@ultimatepotentials.com and put ‘Mental Health Awareness Week’ in the subject line to book your complimentary session.

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