Is Having Celiac Disease Causing You To Feel Lonely And Isolated?

A recent study of over 6,000 Canadians conducted by the Canadian Celiac Association and Health Canada, found an astonishing 66% of people with celiac disease reporting feelings of frustration and isolation.  Even after these individuals were following a gluten-free diet for five years or more, they still feel others are not taking their condition seriously enough, they feel they are a burden to others; they hesitate and agonize over asking for accommodations for their gluten-free diet.  If you find you can identify with this information, clearly you are not alone.

These feelings of isolation and frustration were even stronger in those who were newly diagnosed and following a gluten-free diet for less than five years.   All is not doom and gloom though. It appears that once you have been on a gluten-free diet for longer than five years the negative emotions along with the difficulties drop significantly.

A dietitian coach can help in situations like this. Coaching helps the client create clear intentions, strong desires and clear actions. This in turn brings desired results.

As we celebrate national celiac month this May we are offering a complimentary 30 minute coaching session. Just email: or call us at 204-942-8179.

Here’s to your best life!

Phyllis Reid-Jarvis, Mph, RD, PCC

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