Are You a Runner or a Walker?

Manitoba has a large community of avid runners and walkers. This month as we approach the Manitoba Marathon it has special meaning for many. Some of you will be taking on new challenges such as running all or a portion of a race.  Others will be challenging themselves to beat old times.  Me, I will be challenging myself to run a leg in the relay- I am so excited!

Whatever your preference and whatever challenges you might set, remember part of preparing well for these challenges includes eating well.  Nutrition plays a key role in helping to prevent unnecessary injuries, allows us to finish our races and be alert to enjoy the process. Some key tips to keep in mind:

Stay hydrated.  Water is one of the 7 essential nutrients our bodies need. It is a crucial tool for any training program

Eat well. Especially those who are running longer races it means longer training requires ongoing proper balanced nutrition

Fuel the body smartly. Do space out the time between when you eat and when you train or compete. This will avoid unnecessary cramps and discomforts.  Ideally 2-3 hours between meals should give good performance results

Rest.  When we stop and take adequate rests from training this is when the body has time to repair itself. Get enough sleep, pace yourself between training

Have fun! I intend to have a great time at the Manitoba Marathon this year as I always have in past years. I wish you the same!

Happy Fathers’ day to all the dads!

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