Why Dietitian Service Should be Available to Canadians for Free


My colleagues and I are  seeking your support in making access to registered dietitians available for free to all Canadians! Did you know that 80% of chronic diseases are associated with lifestyle behaviours?  Did you know they are preventable by working with a dietitian who is a health expert in the fields of food and nutrition?  Dietitians are best suited to use food and nutrition as medicine to help Canadians stay healthy, manage existing health conditions ( Examples are: high blood pressure, certain types of cancers, certain types of heart diseases, depression, eating disorders and certain other forms of mental health issues etc. etc.).

Please click on this link and make your vote count. You will also get some background information on why Canadians should have access to free dietitian service. https://www.change.org/p/canada-s-public-service-health-care-plan-pshcp-ensure-that-registered-dietitians-are-covered-under-canada-s-public-service-health-care-plan

Thank you for supporting a healthier Canada!

Phyllis Reid-Jarvis, Mph, RD, PCC

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