Eating Disorder and Life Coaching

Do you or someone you know suffer from an eating disorder? This could be any of the symptoms on the spectrum from weight preoccupation, anxiety around food and eating, binge eating up to anorexia nervosa and bulimia.  All of these symptoms, if left unchecked can and do escalate into very serious and life threatening conditions.  However, did you know for those people with eating disorder who are on the lower end of the eating disorder spectrum ( not severely ill) working with a life coach can and do help them regain ‘normal’ attitudes towards food and eating?

I have had the pleasure of working with a family whose teen-aged son has been diagnosed with an eating disorder. He is on the ‘mild’ or lower side of the eating disorder spectrum and consequently remains out in the community.  He was hospitalized two times for weight recovery over the past 3 years. Does not respond or work well with the hospital assigned eating disorder team. Each visit to the eating disorder clinic resulted in him regressing and losing even more weight.  Against, the request of the eating disorder team,( the team doesn’t believe the patient will recover as well working with their team and a practitioner external to their team) the parents sought my coaching services.

Since he started working with me alongside with his family, the results are staggering! A recent visit to his pediatrician confirmed the incredible progress this young man has made. Not only has he had the greatest weight recovery since his diagnosis of three years ago, but mentally and emotionally he is so much healthier!  His pediatrician needless to say is in full support of continuing the life coaching sessions.

The power of life coaching  lies in the fact that it focuses on keeping you moving forward. It starts where you are at and helps you accomplish your goals through the use of powerful tools and a solid framework. My specific approach is to get the whole family healthy by equipping them with the tools of life coaching, then everyone is set to start the journey of healing together.

Whatever health condition you or a loved one might be facing you can work with a coach alongside your healthcare providers.  Interested in more information?

Phyllis Reid-Jarvis,Mph, RD,PCC

Coach Educator and Director at Ultimate Potentials

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