Is Your Performance at Work Suffering?

Did you know the brain only accounts for 2% of the body’s weight  but actually uses 25% of the calories eaten each day? This is a sign this organ of yours requires special attention not only by  wearing helmets for protection during certain activities, but also what you feed it will make a huge difference in its overall performance.

If you are finding your performance at work and school are suffering it could very well be linked to your brain and not necessarily the job or tasks you are asked to perform. Are you constantly behind on work projects even when all the required resources are in place?  If you are a student and you find your grades are not what you know you are capable of- could be the health of the brain. Take a close look at what you feed your brain daily- you will find you truly are what you eat!

So what are the different ways you can feed your brain? First, the obvious is food. The brain is a very active organ, it never stops working and this means it is a hungry organ, it needs to eat. It is a picky organ though and if your diet is mostly processed pre-prepared foods, fast foods, or the same types of foods day in day out- your work performance could suffer from this.  The brain needs and performs well when it is fed nutritious foods and this includes a healthy intake of real foods.  The overall weight of the brain is approximately 60% fat- with 8% of this fat being the ‘good fats’. A steady diet of foods low in these kinds of fats  actually depresses the brain and results in low performance.  Aim to meet the daily food guide suggestions for vegetables and fruit as well as the other food groups.

Second, quality sleep is another way the brain functions at peak performance.  Because the brain is wired differently from the rest of the body in terms of how it gets rid of waste products- you actually need to be asleep in order for it to clear away the waste-only when you sleep is it able to do this critical house cleaning activity!  Are you getting enough sleep? Do you have a healthy sleep hygiene?  Take a look at what you eat and the quality of your sleep, you might find the solutions to your work performance issues.

Seems like if your diet and sleep habits are right- you might not need to quit your job after all!



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    1. Great idea and very insightful. The strategy used for reducing smoking has worked extremely well-partly because smoking was made to be seen as uncool as opposed to cool. I wonder if eating junk foods could be made to be uncool… hmm?
      Thanks for your insight!

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