7 Ways to lose weight: They’re all in your head

So you are tired of fighting this losing battle called weight-loss. You are an expert on every diet and exercise program that promises weight-loss- yet here you are reading this post and hoping you will hit the weight-loss jackpot. So here are the 6 ways to lose weight permanently:

  1. Lose wanting to lose weight.   This mind set is exactly what keeps you a slave to the scale and to all the fancy diets and gimmicks you have allowed into your life. Your subconscious mind will do exactly what you ask it to do. So think of all the years you’ve been struggling with your weight. Why have you not achieved your goal? No, it’s not what or how much you eat. No it’s not how active or inactive you are. It’s simply because you keep telling your subconscious you want to lose weight.  Your subconscious mind has no agenda of its own; it only wants to please you. So it does just that– keeps you in a state of wanting to lose weight. What?! You might be thinking out loud, did I read this right?! Yes, you did.   We simply don’t give ourselves credit for how truly powerful we are as humans. For those who discover the power within they are afraid of it and hide away from it. Marianne Williamson summarizes this in her beautiful book: 21 Spiritual Laws for Weight-loss. She reminds us: “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us…”

So how do you change the mental habit of wanting to lose weight to actually getting that healthy body weight you so deeply desire?

  1. Did you know you can have everything you want? If you shy away from your light and your power you likely reacted to this statement by thinking, not everything maybe some things. What do you really, really want? Your ability to answer this question helps you to continue your journey into experiencing the desired results that come from embracing your light and your power.
  2. Your visible results are signs of the health of your invisible pillars. What are you seeing in your life? What is the state of your close relationships, including the one with yourself?
  3. There are no truths. What we have to guide us are our interpretations of events and situations. When you look at yourself in the mirror, what do you see? What are your truths about you as a whole person?
  4. Growth and success lie outside of the safe harbour of the known. How willing are you to sail into the unknown? What are the ‘comforts and familiarities’ that are keeping you in the safe harbour of the known?
  5. You are bigger than any problems you face. What are you allowing to overpower you?
  6. Each of us was born to live our best life. Is your mind programed for living your best life?

Each of these 7- mind and body changes are designed to move you away from being chained and shackled by your weight. Instead, they are designed to help you soar to be the brilliant, powerful and all over healthy person you have always been created as- you just need to remember this.

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