What do you want? 3 Key Strategies for Weight Loss

The answer to the above very simple yet powerful question is your ticket away from the weight-loss monster.  a monster that has held you in its slimy grip all these years.  Are you tired of being breathed on by this foul-smelling monster called weight? Do you want to be released from its grip and experience freedom? The freedom to love yourself no matter your size? Do you want to eat foods and drink beverages without choking down each morsel with guilt and a lot of should-nots?  If you answered yes  then there’s your first big want, let it guide you to do the following:

  1. Start loving your body at its current size.  No matter the reasons for why you fell into the ditch of the weigh-loss monster, use this want to climb out of its ditch and into your freedom.  do you take the time to lovingly care for your physical body? How often do you get a relaxation massage purely for the purpose of honoring your body? What beautiful and wonderfully smelling creams and oils do you apply to your body, slowly and deliberately, letting your physical body know how much you love and appreciate it?
  2. Is there someone or a hobby in your life that you absolutely love and enjoy paying attention to? I challenge you to keep track for 7-days of all the good things you do for and say to this someone, or the attention to detail you pay to the hobby. In this mini-research you will discover your amazing capacity to love and care and commit. I challenge you to apply this same strategy to your physical body for a solid day at a time. If this is your first step out of the wanting to lose weight ditch.
  3. A body that is loved comes from a mind that is at peace. How do you quiet your mind long enough to hear the beautiful truths about you that are sent via your spiritual pillar? Connecting with the healthy body weight that you were  created with requires a mind that is still and calm enough to be guided by the truths that are in your spiritual pillar. The spiritual pillar is the kind, loving, understanding and non-judgmental part of you that guides you_ if you listen to it.  Diets and various weight-loss regimes are nothing but distractions.  They are designed to crowd your mind so you are unable to hear the powerful truths about you and your beautiful body. What do you want?  Next post: 4 Areas to focus on for weight-loss
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