Is Seeing Really Believing? 4 Areas to Target for Weight Loss

The Physical Pillar: First Area that’s Targeted for Weight Loss

Let’s use the IDARE framework to help you decide where to start and how to get the best results possible.  What you see in the mirror is only a part of  your true picture. The number on your scale is only a part of your true picture? What you eat and how much you exercise are also only a part of your true picture.  What is your true picture and where do you go to find your answers for why you struggle with wanting to lose weight?  You 2 components Colour_1_convmay like the millions of men and women ‘wanting to lose weight’ start with the physical pillar. This is where they get caught in the miry sand trap of weight-loss year after year– if it is the only area targeted. This pillar shows you all the results from the three invisible pillars you experience in your life. It is in this pillar that you see visible and physical evidence of how well you are doing; whether you are succeeding at work, or with your significant relationships.

The physical pillar is also where you see whether or not you are at a healthy body weight, if you are preoccupied with food and weight, if you are healthy or suffering from poor health. All these are examples of visible physical results that are directly linked to the state of the other three invisible pillars.

What you see when you look at your body only accounts for about 25% of your weight loss woes- that’s it.

Now, 25% is an important number and one that some attention should be given.  What about the other 75% though? Should you start there first? I say yes and no.  If you are really, really ready for making some permanent and significant changes in your weight-loss quest then I would start with the invisible pillars, the other 75%.

If you are like most people who get motivated with small wins and want to start slowly,start with the Physical pillar.  You are among the majority of people who want a quick win.  I love small wins myself and I often coach my clients to go after them knowing though, along the way some longer term much needed work must be done.  The small wins in the physical pillar could be: getting more exercise, putting more nutritious foods in your body, getting more quality sleep, watching less t.v.- the small wins are numerous and depend on you and what’s squeezing you most.  I usually coach my clients to identify what is squeezing them most and the one small step they can take to create a small win.  My challenge to you is this: What is squeezing you most?  What is one small step you can take to create a win?  This is where I support my clients to start.

I will share the other four areas with you over the next few blogs.  Next blog:  The Mental Pillar: How does your Belief Shape your Weight?


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