6 Ways Your Beliefs Cause YOUR Weight

Start with the Mental Pillar it makes up 25% of the whopping 75% that guarantees you permanent weight loss success! Getting that body weight that is perfect for you is a mind game and if you learn how to play this game you will have success.

In this pillar are your beliefs about you and what you deserve or not. It also has beliefs about others and your interpretations of their opinion of you, plus a whole host of other beliefs that may or may not keep you enslaved to the weight-loss monster’.

The mental pillar is all about protection, and consequently tells you how to think in certain situations. The need for this protection is as old as time itself and is purely because all of us are influenced by one or morefear of the six basic fears. Let’s look at each and how they keep you enslaved to the ‘weight-loss monster’.

1.Fear of failure or success

This is one of the most common reasons my clients tell me that stops them from stepping out to conquer the weight-loss monster. Because they are afraid to fail or succeed they tell me they don’t do things like: Go to the gym (though they have a gym membership) buy and keep certain foods on hand (that they can’t resist), associate with people who are in the same boat as they are (I learned awhile back this is called “ditch therapy”), make excuses after excuses for staying where they are at though they keep saying they want to lose weight.

2. Fear of rejection or criticism

Some of my clients don’t go to the gym or for a walk because they are afraid of what people will think about their size. Others don’t go to the gym because they think they will be criticised for their size and not knowing how to use the equipment. But where is it written that you can only get exercise by going to the gym?

3. Fear of the truth

Discovering they don’t know how to do something, or that they are not as good at sticking to a promise made stops some people. It keeps them enslaved to the weigh-loss monster. The other side is discovering they are more than capable of achieving what they set out to achieve, but this stops them because of Fears #1 and #2.

4. Fear of the unknown

This is a huge one for many people and I see this with my own clients when I first start working with them. The unknown stops them from venturing out of their safe harbour of the known. When they recognized they have nothing to lose by stepping out in faith into the unknown and everything to gain by doing so.

5. Fear of loss (love, money, a loved one, health, career, change in general)

This one stops too many people. Thinking that if you actually achieve the body weight that is perfect for you it would mean your friends, spouse, family, would not support you. You wouldn’t be able to hang with the current set of friends you have- especially seeing you are all in the same ditch! What would happen if you actually crawl out of the ditch, would you still have their love and support?

6. Fear of death or poor health

This fear is an interesting one because though some people might be afraid of dying it is actually this fear that stops them from taking action to achieve a healthy body weight. They end up living a vicious cycle.

When each of these fears driven by your beliefs is dealt with that’s when you are able to invite the weight-loss monster to sit down and share a cup of tea with you.   You will have learned how to transcend these fears.

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