Why relationships matter to your weight

I learned a long time ago the most important relationship you’ll ever have is the one with yourself. I have seen over the years when you grow to trust yourself you will find trusting others comes naturally. I also noticed your weight or any problems tend to naturally fade away in significance. I find you are no longer a slave of whatever challenge you might be faced with. In terms of your weight, I find trusting yourself causes it to settle at a weight that’s best for you.

I show families and young adults struggling with weight, poor health, poor life situations that just keep them down, the connection between what they are experiencing and the health of their Emotional pillar.

The emotional pillar is where you feel the strength of the important relationships in your life, the one with yourself and others. It is the pillar that either houses positive energy which is always in motion OR stuck negative energy that is stagnant and debilitating to loving how you live, work and play. This emotional pillar is the part of us that is connected to a source that is greater than us (God, universe, creator, mother Earth, etc.)

I see the emotional pillar as where our truths call out to be freed AND allowed to be expressed in ways that are unique to each of us.

In order for this pillar’s true potentials to be expressed you will need to create a space that allows you to hear it, feel it, see it and consequently express it. This pillar helps to determine your ‘me time’ and allows you create your truths that are reflective of not only your reality, but also your understanding of the reality of the significant peoples in your life.

Once you get really honest and start trusting yourself more no matter your size or health, you will start to love how you live, work and play!



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