3 Game Changers that can make or break you: Part 2

Last post I shared game changer number 1: Attitude toward the intention with you. In this post game changer number 2: Peer Pressure will show you just how much we rely on others to help us take action and change our behaviour. Once you know that common sense is anything but common and that it gets in our way, you will now start looking to see what is it that others do to achieve their goals. How do they go about? What tools/strategies are they using? You become a detective simply because you want to achieve your own intention but know you can’t do it on your own. You look to others for some of the answers.

Social science shows us that if you simply go about and become educated on what you need to know in order to achieve your intention, or, if you are just told what you ‘should do’ your success rate increases by 20%, which isn’t that bad especially if you are starting from doing nothing. This rate of success is just with pure information.

Now, if the information given to you is delivered in such a way that it is tangible to you. If it is connected to some underlying values of yours and is delivered in a way that you immediately connect with it in a personal and real way, your rate of success in taking action to achieve your intention increases by 60%! Most people would be inclined to stop here; after all, 60% success rate is nothing to scoff at. But what about the actual game changer: Peer pressure? Where does it fit in and how does it make or break you?

Game changer number 2: Peer pressure is most powerful in affecting the greatest change in everyone. Don’t think for a moment it only applies to young children and young adults not true at all. When game changer number 2: Peer pressure enters the picture, the rate of increase in action and consequently change in behaviour goes up by 58% and this is just by watching what the people closest to you or those around you whom you admire are doing. It is separate from pure education and meaningful education, this is significant. What happens when game changer number 2: Peer pressure is combined with meaningful, tangible and relevant education? You can see how your attitude toward achieving your attention will change because your behaviour has now changed. You have started taking action and are more likely to get desired results.

In the work arena this is where the power of peer support, a buddy system, mentoring and of course performance coaching will bring about incredible desired positive results. The same is true on the home front. When we speak the language of our children, our spouses the change in attitude toward the desired intention is dramatic because of the change in their behaviour.

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