Game Changer #3: Your Belief

Game changer #3 is a powerful one because even with the other two game changers, if your belief isn’t aligned with your overall intention, no amount of peer pressure or positive intention will get you what you want. This game changer stops many people. It is why so many run the race all the way up to the 80% mark- then quit! You might have seen this in others or even in yourself.

Why does belief have such a strong hold on us? Consider this; we are consciously aware of only 3% of our daily actions. Many of us pride ourselves on being in control of our actions and decisions. Yet, we make hundreds of choices daily without thinking about them. To prove these points answer the following questions:

Do you consciously map out the route you take to work every day? □ Yes □ No

Before you respond/react to events, do you consciously think through all your answers to them? □ Yes □ No

Have you ever in your life arrived at a destination and realized you have no idea of the route you took to get there? □ Yes □ No

Your answers to these questions prove the point that so little of what we do each day is done consciously. This begs the questions “what about the other 97%?” does this mean it is what’s driving me and most of my decisions every day? Yup! And it is in this 97%- the subconscious mind that your beliefs reside. What you believe you will act upon. Knowing this you can then train your subconscious mind to think and create beliefs that are truly in your best interest. An ability that is available not for some people but for everybody!

This is possible not only in the home environment but also at work. More corporations are seeing the ROI on investing in their employees’ well being and are doing so through a number of on and offsite programs geared toward cultivating healthy minds. This strategy will help to shape the beliefs of family members- both in the workplace and those at home. Feeding your subconscious mind what you want in your life is possible and daily meditation, mindfulness, deliberate practice and clear intention are all ways to get your subconscious mind working on your behalf without you even thinking! When all 3 game changers are combined to help you make a decision your ROI more than triples. This is worth investing in!

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