Embrace the Edge: 3 Questions to Stop Falling Over

I often say to my clients ” I will take you close to the edge but I won’t let you fall over” some of them understand exactly what I mean others look at me with confusion and puzzlement in their eyes.  I usually then remind them why they sought my service and what it is they wish to achieve.  That’s when comprehension and knowing shines in their eyes. They realize the work I will be doing with them will require them to let go of their attachment to all that which made them comfortable and now take a step outside of their comfort zones. Wow! This idea scares a lot of people.  The thought that their best learning takes place on the edge and not in the safe harbour of the known is staggering for many to accept.  Yet, everyone one of us wish to experience our best life possible. We want to love how we live, work and play.  Many don’t know playing at their best will require them to embrace being on the edge when life takes us there.  Embrace the quantum moments that occur in life and know at the end we all come out  better, stronger and wiser.

Why embrace the edge and not the known? We’re on the edge when we  challenge ourselves to move away from societal notions of ‘shoulds’ all designed for us to fit in.  But fit in to what? As much as we are social beings and need  social connections to help foster our emotional and mental health; we also need to embrace that sense of self, that which makes us unique.  Stifling individuality in favour of societal ‘shoulds’ of us fitting in, is one of the biggest reasons so many of us live in pain on a daily basis. Embracing the edge helps to release us of this pain and sets us up for truly loving how we live, work and play.

How does one undo a lifetime of staying in the safe harbour of the known and now embrace the edge- the unknown? Remember the 3-game changers and how they can get in the way of your progress or actually help move you closer to achieving your intention? Keep them in mind then practice self-coaching by using the following 3-questions:

  1. What am I committed to STOP DOING to make my intention a reality?
  2. What am I committed to START DOING to make my intention a reality?
  3. What am I committed to CONTINUE DOING  to make my intention a reality?

This self-coaching process is what will help you manage being on the edge without  falling over.

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