What does your environment say about you? 4 Ways to tell

In our IDARE Life program your environment is one of eight critical structures necessary for loving how you  live, work and play. We call this living to your full potential. This structure is particularly important on many levels because your physical environment impacts on the four pillars of health: physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional. If these pillars are unbalanced then you will see the results in your creativity and level of productivity.

Knowing that where you live, work and socialize can have such far reaching effects it stands toMessyWorkplace reason that your environment should be protected. Dr. Wayne Dyer encourages us, to be mindful of how our surroundings look and feel. In other words, your environment should be arranged and decorated with objects and colours that contribute to you maintaining a focused and purposeful life. This will consequently provide results in your life that show you are ever evolving towards living to your full potential.

Another way to protect your environment is to be aware of the people with whom you socialize. Robin Sharma puts it beautifully, he said something along the line, you become like the 5 people you hang out with most. Stop and think about those you spend the most time with and then look at your overall life, are you growing or are you stuck?

To create an environment that supports you loving how you live, work and play give the following 4 daily awareness and actions a try:

  • Be aware of the energy levels of the people in your life
  • Be aware of the state of order or disorder in your home and workspace
  • Be aware of how you choose to relax/unwind
  • Be aware of how you socialize and with whom
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