Keeping Taking Shots at the Net

So for some businesses summer can be a bit challenging to keep the revenues flowing and the business growing.  I’ve always heard this and never quite believed it. Here’s why- I noticed when I keep taking shots at the net my company just grows in the way I want it to grow.  When I ease up from taking shots on the net- you guessed it- revenues are slow in coming.

With the Panam  Games going on and Canada just eating up the games with a record number of medals and personal bests- I got to thinking about these athletes and why they win. The answer is simply because they just keep taking shots at the net.  When our kids were playing sports- that’s what we would tell the team- keep shooting at the net.  Keep shooting at the net- one of your shots will go in eventually. And it’s like that in business and life.

Want a business that thrives year round no matter what others might say about summer-time’s a slow time for businesses? Keeping shooting at the net.  Want a relationship that no matter what challenges come your way you know there’s still a solid foundation of love, trust, mutual respect and awesome intimacy? Keep shooting at the net.

The net that we all must keep taking shots at comes in many different forms.  The results we want will be different but what we share is the overwhelming love for a good win.  Yes, we like to have those personal bests or heck a medal or two.  So, this whole winning strategy of taking shots at life’s many nets come down to knowing when you’re taking action and when you’re stalled or stuck.  Check out these simple strategies designed to keep you moving forward. This is an actual conversation I’d have with a client:

To move the client forward to take action, create clarity through a series of questions such as:

  1. What are the top priorities you can identify right now that would help you achieve your goals? ( Allow the coachee time to brainstorm)
  2. Of these priorities, which ones would you identify as the top 3? (They would write these out on the IDARE Daily Intentions Planning Tool)
  3. Of the top 3, how would you rank them in order of priority?
  4. Now that you have identified the top 3 priorities, what resources do you need to help make them a reality?
  5. When will you take action on these priorities?
  6. When is a reasonable time frame for us to meet for an update on your progress?

Questions like the above are designed for you to keep taking shots at the net. You’ll take action and of course get the results you desire.

always keep shooting

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