IDARE To Create New Money Beliefs… and More

Last post I talked about ‘ how letting go is easier with IDARE’. I’d like to continue with this topic of letting go in this post. I recently had a session with a client who’s afraid of making money yet want more than anything to  have a financially successful business.  He told me about his recent reaction to being paid in cash. A client paid cash and my client told me there was no way hsuccesse was able to make eye contact with the client. He felt guilty taking the money. Thinking he didn’t deserve it and questioning himself- what if I mess up the work?

Where did this negative relationship and beliefs about money come from? He described his parents polar opposites of each other where money is concerned. One gives the money away freely the other hoards it fearful of losing it.

My client wants to make money but is afraid  he will. He feels strongly his discomfort around money comes from watching his parents and their own negative relationship with money.  This belief is stopping my client from realizing his full potential. It is stopping him from pursuing business opportunities. He was stuck.  He didn’t know how to let go of his parents’ money beliefs. He didn’t know how to discover his own money beliefs.

I used IDARE to:

  1. Help him identify his current money beliefs
  2. Whose beliefs they really are and
  3. How to let go money beliefs that are not his own
  4. How to identify his own money beliefs.
  5. How to use his own money beliefs to accept money in exchange for his service

The process during the coaching sessions was  beautiful. Just observing the awareness that IDARE was able to help this client create was like watching a beautiful work of art being created.

The client was pumped and came up with a very powerful definition of his own beliefs around money.  The power behind using a simple 5-step process – IDARE- lies in its simplicity, straightforwardness and ease of use in all areas of our lives .


Here’s what the IDARE process looked like for my client:

  1. The client had to identify his  INTENTION for making money and being comfortable accepting money in exchange for his service. He also was able to use IDARE to identify the 3-Game Changers that can make or break his intention.
  2. Second, he had to get really honest about his DESIRE or  motivation to make his intention a reality.
  3. Which would take him to the third step- Action.  IDARE helped him identify some actions he would need to take.
  4. He was able to look ahead and predict the kinds of RESULTS-the fourth step in the process- he would like to experience where making money is concerned
  5. Finally, IDARE helped him identify some indicators he would use to EVALUATE his success in practising his own new set of money beliefs.

For many people having a simple process such as IDARE and being shown how to use it- means all sorts of opportunities are now opened up for them.  Whether it’s money, relationships, fears of all sorts of things, health or career-related challenges-life is definitely easier when you can say IDARE.



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