“You must first identify before you can lay ‘it’ aside”: 3 Ways for Amazing Health

When you are ready to truly move to the next level of your life-whether personally and/or professionally you will find yourself looking for what is stopping you from advancing.

Depending on how much you have grown in the 4 Pillars that determine your behaviour, you may first look outside for what’s likely stopping you. You might spend years looking outside to identify what’s stopping you from living your best life possible. Of course the answer is never outside of you.

As you continue to grow in the 4 pillars you get this epiphany that you’re looking in the wrong place. That you need to turn the spotlight on you, so you start looking within, because as you and I know- that’s where all answers that are good for us lie.

So now you start the journey within and it is one of the most frightening and at the same time exciting journey you’ll ever take. This is when you truly say “IDARE Life” to live it to its fullest.

Living your best life means you must step out and say “ IDARE Life” and you now start identifying exactly what’s stopping you. IDARE Life program identifies 8 critical structures that must be properly aired- according to an old Indian proverb- before you can truly live your best life possible. The first of these critical structures is HEALTH.

Health is wealth without the ‘w’. If you’re healthy in all 4 pillars- you are a multi- millionaire. It’s your health that will truly allow you to rise to the next level and the next and the next.


Here is the first of three-ways IDARE Life program helps you identify what you need to lay aside so you can truly enjoy living life at your healthiest:

  1. Close your Best Life Gap

Take a good long honest look at your life and identify what you need to keep and what you need to lay aside by reflecting on these statements:

Closing the gap that exists between living your best life possible and just getting by is a critical step to building a healthy foundation on which to do life. Everything you value and hold dear will be built up from this healthy foundation.

Health is not just the absence of disease and infirmities. Your health is more about the state of the invisible Pillars. What you see is a result of what’s happening on the inside. For additional resources to help you live your best life possible go here http://ultimatepotentials.com/resources/

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