Identify what you need to lay aside-Part 3

The last two posts I gave you 2 of 3 ways to identify what you need to lay aside in order to live your best life possible. Today’s post gives you the third and final step: Define your potential

The other two steps were:

  1. Close your Best Life Gap

Take a good long honest look at your life and identify what you need to keep and what you need to lay aside by reflecting on these statements:

The second way to identify what you need to lay aside: Return to your truths.

  1. Return to your truths

Virginia Woolf says “If you do not tell the truth about yourself you cannot tell it about other people”

Knowing the truth about yourself is a critical part of your journey towards living your best life. Living in a state of lies and pretense creates a gap between your best life and your full potential.

  1. Define your potential

“it is usually meaningless work, not overwork that wears us down, saps our strength, and robs our joy” _ Rick Warren

I have what I call my high performance formula for success. It’s a 4-step process that when you follow it will lead you to truly knowing your potential and taking action to fulfill your potential. The first step in the formula is Clarity.

Potential is realized when you’re clear on what you were made for. It’s this sense of purpose that will help you best identify what you need to lay aside in order to live your best life possible.

Potential is not your hopes, dreams, wishes and longings.   Potential is in your DNA. It’s what calls you to quit that job that  keeps you just over broke ( J.O.B.), and instead pursue that business venture you just can’t seem to shake out of your system. Potential is that voice- sometimes it is a whisper, or at  times it yells at you- “ when will you release me”?!


Potential is what you know once you start doing it you feel at peace. You feel absolutely fulfilled. You feel right. So how do you get clear on just what is your potential ? The two powerful questions below will get you going:


  1. What evidence do you have in your life at this moment that you are living a well-defined life of purpose? Write them out.
  2. What structures do you need to have in place to ensure you are on purpose?

Take a few moments to think about what you need and then write them out.

I realized awhile ago that not everyone takes the time to think about the future they want for themselves and their loved ones. Many people have dreams but no plan to fulfill those dreams.   The above two questions are designed for you to identify what you need to lay aside in order to truly live your best life possible.  You can only do so when you know:

  1. How to close the gap between your best life possible
  2. How to define and return to your truths
  3. How to define your potentials


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