A happy Childhood-Good or Bad for Life?

According to  Texas novelist/songwriter and satirist- Kinky Friedman “A happy childhood is the worst possible preparation for life”. I got a good chuckle from this. It also made me do a double take and really see past the intended humour and satire to the elements of truths that’s wrapped up in it. Now, I’m all for giving children a happy childhood- heck- I did the best I could for our sons to create a happy awesome childhood for them.

But Kinky Friedman has  a point.  I see elements of the fallout of parents creating a cushioned, sugar-coated,ponies and unicorns kind of world for their children.  We now are faced with them in the workplace.

They are driven close to the edge by the circumstances in their lives. Some of them even fall over.

I am working with a few young adults between 16 and 25 years old right now.  They actually are living proofs of the truth behind Kinky Friedman’s words. They are all remarkably bright, insightful, and mature beyond their years in regards to being able to express their emotions and articulate their dreams. They are extremely brilliant in their chosen fields of interest and boy are they creative!  Don’t give them the slightest hint that you rely on them to show up and deliver consistently.   This causes a lot of stress. They feel relied on and that’s not a feeling they like.

This is why I chuckled at Kinky’s quote while acknowledging the truth under it all. Think back to your own children when they were young and experienced their first rejection, failure or loss.  Many parents will tend to protect and shield them from the horrors of the big bad world.

It’s a handful of us who will see the life lessons and use them to prepare our children for life. I think this is what Kinky was getting at- children can and ought to have a happy childhood.  We just need to make sure we don’t go to the extreme of turning them into young adults who expect the world to treat them as they have been treated all their lives as children.

It’s the expectations that come out of a childhood of being the centre of life that runs a muck with workplace relationships, personal relationships and the very relationship they have with themselves.

IDARE Life. I dare my clients, my children and of course myself to get out of our way.  To get out of our heads. To see life as not owing us but that we owe life to live it to its fullest.  IDARE Life shows you exactly how to do this by living and practising the 6 principles that guide us into living our best life possible.

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