Enough is Enough!

Sometimes we just have to say enough is enough!  I am not taking _____________ (fill in the blank) anymore!  I do take a lot of peace and contentment in being someone who looks for solutions.  I truly see the glass as half-full.  I look for the good in people- even when they are trying to take me out- yes I have had many such instances.  I really do look for the good in every situation.

But there are times ‘when my cup doth runneth over’  and it’s these times when I say enough is enough!  I refuse to keep giving when the other party is only interested in taking a negative and destructive path.   This I call drama.

I encourage you to refuse to be a part of any drama that saps your life’s energy, lowers your energy and deflates your creativity.

I have a situation right now where the client is all of the above drama discussed- and more!  So, I reflected on my own coaching principles and what I believe and know are conducive to a healthy outcome for both parties.

I know the power that lies behind IDARE and in practising it with this client, I found my freedom.

Here’s the process for using IDARE:

My Intention is clear- how do we create a win-win situation for all parties?

My Desire is strong to work towards a win-win- what can I do to facilitate this?

My Actions are clear and in line with what I say I would do. I can check off exactly what I am responsible for. I have done my part.

My desired Result which is a win-win for both parties-where no one is giving up an arm and leg to ensure the other party walks away with it all- is still rejected by the client.

I Evaluate the situation and came to the conclusion- enough is enough! This has been going on far too long and it’s time to end it!  So the writ has been dropped.  Let’s end this right now.

So, if you find yourself in situations where you feel the giving is heavily one-sided-on your side.  The other party is only interested in drama- use IDARE to help you find your freedom.  Freedom is too precious to be held hostage by anyone!



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