Are You Really Ready?

So in my years of working with people in various capacities- executive and personal coach, dietitian, educator, trainer, speaker etc.  I realized a change that was taking place in me.  I started noticing I was asking myself the powerful questions about each assignment that presents itself.  I found I was being more analytical and systematic at the same time in how I would come to a decision to take on a particular role.  I actually liked this new way of working.  It brought with it a greater sense of meaning and purpose.

A big outcome of this process of making a decision is that it helped me look for the same process in my clients.  I was listening to hear if they are really ready for what they say they want.  I was looking for signs that they were really ready to leave the sty of their old ways and enter into new dwellings.  I was feeling for a vibe to establish their readiness for a change.

I was surprised at how many of my clients were really not ready. You can take steps to bring about needed change in your professional and personal lives. But the true signs of readiness are not necessarily the events you take on to do or the actions you have taken.  The true signs of readiness are around how you are able to successfully navigate your way through your own self-placed obstacles and barriers.

I learned through my own journey that there is only one person who can stop you from getting and being who you really are intended to be- and that’s you. It’s never “people”.  I have seen some limiting and self-sabotaging behaviours of my own over the years that now, looking back make so much sense why a particular opportunity I had went south.   I realized I wasn’t really ready for what I said I wanted.

There is much to be said about coaching an individual or employees within an organization for readiness.  This level of coaching requires use of the ‘soft skills’ which are often overlooked and undervalued in too many organizations.  We know it is the soft skills that do lead to the hard facts- the bottom-line.

If employees are not really ready for a change or if you individually are not really ready for the change you will move into a state of protection and  fight to preserve what you have known to make sense to you.  You just simply want to survive.  This is often seen and interpreted as resistance to change.  But it really is you saying I am not really ready for this next level.

So how do you get really ready to embrace what you want personally and professionally?  The mini-quiz below will help you identify areas for coaching to get you really ready:

Do you…? True False
Focus on the outcome as the action rather than the steps to get to the outcome
Believe what happens to you is due to external causes
Driven by what people think versus doing what is right
Start. Stop. Quit. These three words describe your inability to commit to sticking to a work plan

Excerpt from IDARE Work: Coaching Performance_ Phyllis Reid-Jarvis

If you answered true to one or more you are not really ready.  This awareness is what you can use to start you building a process around the area (s) that are keeping you from being really ready.

Here’s to loving how you live, work and play!

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