Getting Ready… Really Ready

My last post asked if are really ready for what you say you want.  Let’s talk about how to become ready for the amazing life that awaits you.  As  a reminder If employees are not really ready for a change or if you individually are not really ready for the change, you will move into a state of protection and  fight to preserve what you have known to make sense to you.  You just simply want to survive.  This is often seen and interpreted as resistance to change. But it really is you saying I am not really ready for this next level.

A sure fire way to get ready for anything that is happening in your work and personal lives is to adopt a ‘yes attitude’.  Before your feet touch the floor of your bedroom in the mornings, make a declaration that you will say yes to making that day a great day.  Sounds simple and yet far too many people don’t do it!

I can’t count how many clients and people in general I interact with only to find out they make a daily declaration each morning to say ‘no to having a great day’! This is exactly the choice you made when you allow the person who cut you off in traffic, the traffic jam you’re in or the last minute request to attend a meeting for which you’re not prepared- to derail you. To get you upset.  To make you have a bad day.

I am actually very much on your side- I just must first create some awareness in you of the cycle that builds from even before you are dressed and ready for work.  I like to remind you that the intention you set for making each day a great day– no matter what, is in your circle of control.  Why not exercise that power before you even leave home?

How do you get ready for change at work and at home? Here are a few coaching strategies to get you started:

  • Start each day off by saying yes.  Before you leave your bed set the intention to have the best day possible no matter what.
  • Say yes to ideas and suggestions put forward at work.  Be the person who looks for why an idea will work as opposed to why it will not work.
  • Say yes to going with the plan on hand that is good enough versus waiting for the perfect, well-researched plan.  Such a plan rarely exists.
  • Say yes to seeing the good in others- even that coworker you think is a bumbling fool.  No such person exists only in our ego-controlled minds.

Here’s to you loving how you live, work and play!

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