Want a Change? Change your Environment

In my last post on how to Discover Solutions I ended off with these questions for how to Discover Solutions:

  1. How can your co-workers/manager help you get your level of readiness high enough to achieve your intentions?
  2. What needs to happen for you to be able to rank your level of commitment one notch higher on the scale?
  3. How were you able to solve similar challenges in the past?

Once you’ve discovered the solutions to your challenges, a guaranteed way to continue being successful is not to just jump into taking action immediately- but to first identify what changes you will need in place to make sure your solutions are successfully implemented.  This is the fun and yes, challenging part of using questions to create your success.

Creating Change is a way of recognizing the critical role your environment plays in your ability to achieve your intentions and overall goals.  The environment at work and home will make or break you being able to live, work and play to your best and highest potential.

If you’re wondering why addressing change in your environment first before taking action is so important take a look at the following ways your environment makes or breaks your chances of living and working meaningfully:

  1. BE AWARE OF THE ENERGY LEVELS OF THE PEOPLE IN YOUR LIFE: They can be sap your life’s energy or build it up
  2. BE AWARE OF THE STATE OF ORDER OR DISORDER IN YOUR HOME AND WORK SPACE: This reflects your level of clarity about your intention
  3. BE AWARE OF HOW YOU CHOOSE TO RELAX/UNWIND: This could relate to your after work activities that take away from your personal development goals e.g. health, fitness, improved family/friend relationships etc.
  4. BE AWARE OF HOW YOU SOCIALIZE AND WITH WHOM: Birds of the same feather flock together- When’s the last time you took stock of the people you hang out with the most?

Creating Change in your environment starts with asking yourself the following key questions:

  • Of the things I desire to have less of in my life, what changes in my current work/personal life will need to happen?
  • Of the results I’m currently experiencing, what changes in my work/personal life made them possible?
  • Of the results I’m currently experiencing, what changes in my work/personal will I need to make to have more/less of them?
  • What changes would I like to implement but feel stuck or blocked from doing so?

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I would love to hear from you do drop me a line and let me know your thoughts on what I’m sharing with you.

Here’s to loving how you live, work and play!

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