CEO Disease… Do you Suffer from it?

Do you or someone you work with suffer from the above disease? Is it contagious or is genetic! Can it wipe out whole organizations-bring them to their knees? How would you even know if you are afflicted by this awful sounding disease? CEO Disease

Shot of group of colleagues having a meeting in the boardroom at the office

according to the research this condition is not only experienced by executive leaders in an organization but also by anyone who has been given a title in the organization to lead/manage others.

You may suffer from this disease and know it but can’t put your fingers on how best to describe it without sounding paranoid or blaming your direct reports. You know something is not right with the relationship between you and your direct reports but who do you voice this concern to? Fellow executive leaders? many of them are suffering from the same disease.

Then there are those leaders like you-who just don’t know

they are affected by this disease. After all, you get rave reviews from your direct reports. Initiatives you put forward are never questioned and if they are. Nothing glaring that would cause you to shift your perspective and take a different approach. All appears to be good with the team. Yet, you wonder why you and your team are not performing at a level that would indicate all is good- hmm?

Symptoms of CEO Disease

CEO Disease symptoms are brought about because your people may keep important or unpleasant information from you. They may not question initiatives put forward. Not support nor oppose them but just go along with the flow. What information you get might be:

  • Watered down
  • Little information given too late
  • No relevant information given-only what they think you the leader wants to hear
  • Unreliable information about your specific performance

Reasons for Above?

  • Fear of rocking the boat-after all this is how things have always been done
  • Self-interests- toe the line to shore up their future success within the organization
  • No one wants to upset the boss
  • They were indirectly lead by you and your own behaviours/actions to be this way

Everyone looks to the leader to check the temperature of the organization. How hot or cold the climate is in your organization hinges heavily on the leader and the Emotional tone they have set for you and your fellow team members.

Want honest, meaningful and progressive Feedback?

  • Create the space to do so by first mirroring the very behaviour you desire
  • Practice this in how you give feedback to your direct reports
  • Encourage honest feedback during team meetings by asking and encouraging it
  • When team members speak up- holding the space for them to do so and acknowledge them
  • Encourage others to build/add to what’s put forward/said
  • If you say you will use the feedback- do so and make a point of giving credit to the team and or individual members
  • Practice being consistent in creating this team norm, you may find it an uphill battle at first, but consistency pays off in the end

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Here’s to loving how you live, work and play!

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