The Bitter Pill …

What we value most there we  put our most valuable resources: time, money, love, faith and trust. Should this investment not pay off we experience frustration. This is true for many leaders working to develop their direct reports only to have them leave to another organization.  Putting so much into your workers to have this investment go south is a lesson worth reviewing.  The bitter pill many leaders have to learn to swallow is that no investment in employees yield mediocre results at best. This simple fact is the lesson worth learning. Too often managers and leaders in general share their true values regarding developing their employees isn’t paying them a good enough investment? A resounding no it’s not!

Expecting your employees to rally around your organization’s vision and mission yet not inspiring them to do just that is akin to throwing out the baby with the bath water. The obvious ways of offering training and coaching opportunities come to mind and thankfully my experience with many organizations show more of them are committed to developing their employees. Not only do these organizations make training and coaching available for their people, many are investing in long-term ( more than 12 months) training and coaching for their leadership teams. This is great news for the millennial entering the workforce! I see this demographic thriving in organizations that demonstrate a coaching leadership style.

It is sad though to still find leaders with the attitude that their employees owe them, that they are essentially doing these workers a favour by hiring them. If that were indeed the case why not run the organization on their own?  Leaders who bring this brand of leadership into an organization are subscribing to old school management-style. This style needs to be thrown out with the bath water. This is where the powerful benefit of executive and personal coaching come into play.

I have learned from my own clients the power behind  coaching employees to develop a sense of ownership. The end result of getting employees to own their career journeys are workers who are motivated and persistent.  A sense of ownership comes from within and can’t be dictated by others or external bribes and or threats.

So back to my original statement, what we value most there we put our most valuable resources: time, money, love, faith and trust. What do you value most?

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